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Summer Event Ideas Part 2

Here Comes the Sun - Part #2

Summer is just around the bend, promising lackadaisical days and refreshing evenings. After a long wet winter, everyone is looking forward to some significant sunlight. The long days don’t always translate to long hours on the job, though, as window-gazing rises to its yearly high. When neither boss nor employee wish to be at work, productivity takes a hit.

In a multi part series would like to show you ways to leverage that universal office longing during these vital months. If you’re looking to motivate employees, bond with management, and still enjoy the long-lost sun, consider these event ideas for summer!


Need more than an event? Try an adventure! Located in Woodinville, this aerial adventure Park provides adult-sized playground equipment for a screaming good time in the serene Pacific Northwest forest. Climb, play, and bond 50 feet above the ground!


Mica Moon Zip Tours

Zip line season is open, and Mica Moon in Spokane is ready to send your company sailing over Aspens and mountains. Bonding through exhilaration and pounding hearts will keep your crew tight and productive, and the old moonshine distillery in the zip park may give some ideas for the picnic afterwards.


Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

Take your team to see the animals! Bison, elk, and mountain goats wait to stare placidly at your team, as a tram ride trundles through 435 acres of rolling greens and towering cedars. Located in Eatonville, Northwest Trek is a prime destination for family meet-and-greet picnics.

nw trek

Argosy Cruises

Book an Argosy Cruises Chill & Grill for your next corporate group event! Chill & Grill is a 4-hour excursion across Seattle’s Elliott Bay to our Blake Island event space*. Guests enjoy a barbecue buffet featuring traditionally prepared fire-roasted fish, burgers and sides, and drinks from a pre-selected bar package. Following the buffet, the lawn is set withbackyard games for those who want to play, and hammocks for others to relax.


West Coast Entertainment

Summer is just around the corner and we’re here to help you make this year’s summer picnic or team outing the best one yet. We’ll help you pick out some tasty BBQ or Fun Fair food and coordinate everything from the venue to entertainment like DJs, hosted competitions, inflatables, picnic games, petting zoos, fun foods, and more.


National Event Pros

Providing expertise, advice, entertainment and equipment rentals, National Event Pros take pride in providing more than a mind-blowing event—they provide peace of mind. Rides, food, and arcade games are combined with vendor management and event design, from parking lots to janitors’ mops. Take advantage of their social marketing specialists to show everyone how much fun is had at your company!



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