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Summer Event Ideas Part 1

Here Comes the Sun - Part #1

Summer is just around the bend, promising lackadaisical days and refreshing evenings. After a long wet winter, everyone is looking forward to some significant sunlight. The long days don’t always translate to long hours on the job, though, as window-gazing rises to its yearly high. When neither boss nor employee wish to be at work, productivity takes a hit.

In a multi part series would like to show you ways to leverage that universal office longing during these vital months. If you’re looking to motivate employees, bond with management, and still enjoy the long-lost sun, consider these event ideas for summer!


Best Corporate Events

Best Corporate Events organizes premier nationwide delivery of dozens of games, activities, equipment, and planning designed to build teams, raise money, create partnerships, or launch products. Using iPads and the latest technology to coordinate players and staff, these hands-on programs explore the limits of innovation in collaborative fun.


Fun Flicks Outdoor Movies

Providing portable big screens and cinematic amazement, Fun Flicks creates a truly unique event right in your own backyard! With six different screen sizes, a theater-style popcorn machine, and an experienced nationwide crew, treat your employees to a mega-sized viewing of Office Space.


Luxury Restroom Trailers

Hosting a picnic is a fun-filled outdoor activity, until someone has to use the bathroom. For a fancy porta potty experience, complete with running water, electric light, and air-conditioning, look no further than Luxury Restroom Trailers.


Remlinger Farms

For a perfect day with employees and friends, consider the beautifully landscaped picnic sites of Remlinger Farms in Carnation. Pick your own strawberries, ride quaint trains and carousels, and entertain your kids with Farm Theater. Animals, food, and fun await!


Canopy Tours Northwest

Located near Seattle, Canopy Tours Northwest boasts six different zip lines accessible to all levels of skill and bravery. For those who prefer their feet on the ground, expert guides provide nature walks for closer looks at the lush greenery created by the months of Pacific Northwest winter rain.


Washington State Fairgrounds

Sillyville at the Washington State Fairgrounds is a diverting and distinctive option for a large group outdoor event. Picnic tables, large bathrooms, and a train station complete with miniature locomotive set this venue apart. A giant slide and space for inflatable bouncy houses will let your employees really act like children.


Washington State Parks

The State of Washington boasts unparalleled scenery from coast to mountains to high plateaus. Washington State Parks safeguard the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, offering inexpensive facilities and unimaginable settings for every kind of outdoor experience. No matter where you live and work, there is a state park waiting for you.

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