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Here Comes the Sun - Part #3

Summer is just around the bend, promising lackadaisical days and refreshing evenings. After a long wet winter, everyone is looking forward to some significant sunlight. The long days don’t always translate to long hours on the job, though, as window-gazing rises to its yearly high. When neither boss nor employee wish to be at work, productivity takes a hit.

In a multi part series would like to show you ways to leverage that universal office longing during these vital months. If you’re looking to motivate employees, bond with management, and still enjoy the long-lost sun, consider these event ideas for summer!

Destination San Juan Islands!

 Places to Stay:

Lakedale Resort

Lakedale Resort features a variety of accommodation options, including a 10-room hotelreal log cabinscanvas cabins for a fabulous glamping experience, and camping. Lakedale Resort near Roche Harbor and Friday Harbor is also a great destination for workshops, meetings and retreats, providing you with an inspirational setting to have fun and achieve your goals! 

lakedale 5.17.18

Rosario Resort

Rosario Resort & Spa on beautiful Orcas Island is the perfect place to step back and move your business or organization forward. Groups, corporate meetings and family reunions large and small enjoy an atmosphere of creation, inspiration, relaxation and recreation.

rosario 5.17.18

Friday Harbor Suites

In scenic Friday Harbor, Washington, nestled along the eastern shore of San Juan Island, Friday Harbor Suites is an intimate hotel for your business meetings, conferences, corporate retreats, wedding celebrations and special events.

friday harb suites 5.17.18

Snug Harbor Resort

All of our 17 cabins and three suites are spacious with beautiful interiors, expansive glass, vaulted ceilings, full kitchens, and uninterrupted, stunning views. Snug Harbor’s incredible setting is unparalleled on San Juan Island. Arriving by boat is always an option, since we have our own private marina. We are perfectly located for adventures throughout the islands.

snug 5.17.18

The Island Inn at 123 West

Perched on a hillside a stones throw away from the water and the ferry terminal the Island Inn is the perfect retreat destination for your next San Juans excursion. In addition to penthouses and suites the Inn also features Euro style rooms with minimalist washrooms and access to a communal view lobby that acts as an extension to the rooms and a place to meet with your group.

island inn 5.17.18

Things to do:

Susies Moped Rentals

Explore San Juan Island at your leisure with a rental Moped, Scoot Coupe, Electric Bike or Car from San Juan Island's Susie's Mopeds, chosen as the Favorite Moped Rental spot since 1986.

susies 5.17.18

Orcas Island Eclipse Tours

Operating since 1990 enjoy an Orca Whale (aka Killer Whales) nature tour on Orcas Island’s all weather family style boat and Renew Your Spirit with Nature.

Eclipse 5.17.18

Orcas Island Kayak Tours

Shearwater Adventures has been offering a variety of kayak tours, instruction and retail in the San Juan Islands since 1982.  For over 35 years our focus has been sharing the fun of kayaking and the beauty of the marine environment.

Shearwater 5.17.18

Orcas Island Trail Rides

Experience the hidden backcountry of Orcas Island on horseback.  Explore enchanting old growth forest, meander through grassy meadows, climb a mountain trail to the top of Mt Pickett for a breathtaking view of the San Juan Islands.

orcas trail 5.17.18

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