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Fireworks Productions of Arizona

FIREWORKS!  More AFFORDABLE than you’d think…As FANTASTIC as you can imagine!  From outdoor events to ballroom presentations, safe, exciting pyrotechnics will definitely raise the "WOW" factor and create a memorable and electrifying experience for your guests or employees! 
Ranging from outdoor "4th of July" aerial displays to on-stage pyro, we will help you plan the specifics, recommend the right effect, work with your venue and the authorities having jurisdiction to craft a spectacular affair based on your budget and your vision. 
From high schools to weddings to meetings to professional sports events, FPA is Arizona’s most trusted fireworks company to provide your event a fantastic display.  FPA is rated A+ by the Arizona Better Business Bureau.We provide for the insurance needs, handle the permitting and perform all of the work in a safe and professional manner, ensuring a thrilled audience and you looking like the superstar for the event!


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