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Thumb Butte Distillery

The Distillery is available for booking your corporate parties, as well as our Thumb Butte crew tending to your special events at other specified locations.

At Thumb Butte Distillery, we like to think of our distillery as a legend in the making. From the beginning, there were rumblings of getting something started. From the time our team met, we were lovers of making merry, mixing it up and talking about establishing a distillery—after all, this is the home of “Whiskey Row.” Today, we are the proud owners of the first legal distillery in Prescott, AZ since prohibition ended in 1933.

At the heart and soul of Thumb Butte Distillery in Prescott, AZ are real live people who have turned their dream of opening a craft distillery into a beautiful reality. In addition to distilling vodka, whiskey, gin, and rum, they have a line of bitters, and provide tours to interested groups.

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