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Hon-Dah Resort Casino & Conference Center

Our Conference Center features the area’s largest (8,482 sq. ft.) multipurpose meeting room, accommodating over 700 people in theater style seating and 450 people for banquet style seating. Our rooms are available for a countless variety of occasions and events including but not limited to: business conferences, seminars, concerts, weddings, expos, or dances.

Conference Center Rooms:
1. Salt River Room
2. Whiteriver Room
3. McNary Room
4. Mt. Baldy Room
5. Ft. Apache Room
6. Sunrise Room

We offer 6 independent conference rooms, or remove the partitions and create one large room. Large or small, our Conference Center has a room to meet your needs.

Our full service banquet facility offers a wide variety of buffet and plate meals. Our chefs have crafted each menu to be both attractive and delicious. No matter what you choose, we are confident that you will leave satisfied. From breakfast to dinner, we are ready to feed your function.

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