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Hon-Dah Resort Casino & Conference Center

Come join us amidst the tall pines and cool, clean mountain air. We offer a number of options to accommodate your next company outing, retreat, or event.  

There’s something BIG in the air at Hon-Dah Resort and Casino. The White Mountains of Arizona has always been a unique place.  There’s always been something a little different about the area- and almost always in a good way.  Sure, they have the occasional Bigfoot sighting and UFO abduction, but it also contains some of the most jaw-dropping vistas in the state.  Scenery that Barry Goldwater once described as, “a little piece of Heaven that God let fall to Earth”. 

To those in Phoenix, the cool air alone is Heaven.  So, with Senator Goldwater’s words in mind, may I suggest a destination that has come to be known as the jewel of the White Mountains- Hon-Dah Resort and Casino.   Their latest marketing campaign promises- “There’s something BIG in the air…”, and that appears to be an understatement.  Hon-Dah Resort and Casino has always distinguished itself as the premiere White Mountains destination.  With over 128 well-appointed rooms, fine dining and amazing buffets, plus a Conference Center with over 8,200 square feet of meeting space that can break out to seven different areas to accommodate over 600 guests.  

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