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Fox Tucson Theatre

If you can imagine it, we can help you make any event unforgettable.

The Fox Tucson Theatre is a 29,000+ square foot classic movie palace and performing arts facility. It features a unique 1929 Southwestern Art Deco decor painstakingly restored in 2005 . The building features three lobby spaces in addition to the main auditorium, which seats 1164 patrons. The Fox carries its own full liquor license (beer, wine, and spirits).  Bars can be set up on any level lounge.

The Fox is a uniquely beautiful and elegant venue, and can host such a wide variety of events it’s hard to list them all (classic, documentary and feature films, dance performances, fund raising events, private parties from weddings and proms to intimate gatherings, photo shoots, fashion shows, live theatre and music, music, music!)

Featuring a complete range of lighting, audio-visual, projection and stage rigging systems, the state of the art equipment at the Fox is operated by our highly trained team of professionals and rivals that of any comparable venue in the Southwest.


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