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Bondurant Racing School Featured

Bondurant is the location for your next meeting. High on energy, low on hotel ballroom stuffiness, the "World's Fastest 60 Acres" has room for your group and space to accommodate your needs.

Beyond having a good time, a day away from work in a unique setting can boost morale and really bring people together. We have learned over years of hosting team building corporate programs that a day at the track makes a huge and lasting impact on employees and managers. Different from rock climbing or river rafting, Bondurant's team building methods teach real-world skills that have real-world applications. A day learning and practicing the Bondurant Method of Car Control gives each student insight into their own habits and areas where they can improve skills using vision and concentration. Each attendee will drive their Bondurant vehicle at their individual comfort level. As they gain confidence, they will improve in technique and timing.

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