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Westworld Paintball Adventures

Searching for something new and different for your next company event?

Tired of the same old activities you’ve been doing for years?

Westworld Corporate Paintball Adventures offers an exciting alternative to routine sales meetings and typical employee parties.

Paintball is bold, different, and guaranteed to capture everyone’s interest. Paintball is a TEAMBUILDING event full of action-packed excitement, attracting people from all professions and walks of life.

Our Corporate Paintball Shoot-Out is designed for groups that want to combine TEAMBUILDING and LEADERSHIP training with adventure, excitement and competition. Two teams are selected and given a set of objectives: to develop the best strategy for capturing and controlling the oppositions’ territories and flag stations, while simultaneously defending their own flags and their co-workers.

Westworld Corporate Paintball Adventures combines relaxed fun with demanding situations, allowing participants to demonstrate and develop their LEADERSHIP, COMMUNICATION, and PROBLEM-SOLVING skills, while having an exhilarating time. Our Corporate Paintball program enhances group dynamics, breaks down employer/employee barriers, erodes gender barriers, improves morale and develops company camaraderie. Co-workers return refreshed, rejuvenated, and infused with a new sense of personal ability and corporate team spirit.

From incentive meetings to company picnics, Westworld Corporate Paintball Adventures offers a variety of packages for almost any occasion, . Our Director of Corporate Events will personally assist you in arranging all the activities and details. We will also custom-tailor a package to specifically meet the demands of your group.


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