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Gamble Sands and Inn

Host Your Next Golf Event at Gamble Sands

Gamble Sands is a great place to host tournaments and golf outings for groups of 12 players or more. Our professional staff is on hand to organize and manage every aspect of your event: scoring, on-course contests, prizes, signage, you name it.

Whether it’s a corporate outing, a fundraiser for a worthy cause, or a competitive golf tournament, we’re here to help so you can relax and enjoy the day.

The Gamble Sands Experience

Spectacular Location

Overlooking the Columbia River, in the high desert of North Central Washington, Gamble Sands is blessed with one of the most dramatic settings for true links golf in the world. In fact, golf course designer, David McLay Kidd described the location as a “once in a lifetime site that every designer dreams of.”

Fresh Food

At Gamble Sands, world-class golf is accompanied by all of the lifestyle attractions that naturally complement the game such as Danny Boy Bar & Grill where fresh, locally sourced fare fills the menu. 

Inn at Gamble Sands

The Inn at Gamble Sands allows you to stay-and-play in the same spectacular location that makes the golf course so special.  And the Gebbers family serves it all up with a genuine dose of warm hospitality.  

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