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Rosehill Community Center

Located at the corner of 3rd Street and Lincoln Avenue in Mukilteo, Washington, the Rosehill Community Center is a 29,000 square foot facility with sweeping views of Puget Sound.

Whether you are looking to hold a meeting or special event at the Rosehill Community Center or at Lighthouse Park in Mukilteo, your guests will enjoy the most beautiful views and nicest facilities this area has to offer.The new Rosehill Community Center is a spectacular venue with floor-to-ceiling windows and views of Possession Sound and Whidbey Island.The building includes a public lounge with a fireplace and Wi-Fi access.

For company picnics we have covered Picnic Shelters in Lighthouse Park. Whatever size and type of event you are planning, we can help you decide on the best time and location at Lighthouse Park and at the Rosehill Community Center.The Rosehill Community Center offers the flexibility to choose your caterer or to bring your own food and beverages. Parking is free.

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