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Attic and The Hansen Place, The

Situated in charming downtown Sumner, The Attic & The Hansen Place represent two unique private event venues perfect for wedding receptions and celebrations, corporate events, holiday parties, or any group gathering or catered events.

The Attic, built in 1912, offers 4,000 square feet of timeless enchantment for your celebration. The rustic beauty includes a brick interior, an expansive fireplace, wood floors, crown molding, and antique furnishings. A tranquil pool, with water flowing over rocks, provides soothing background sounds. Brides and their attendants dress in the parlor room, guests relax on overstuffed chairs and all enjoy the open ambiance of the ballroom in this private setting.

The Hansen Place, is a contemporary venue that needs little of no added decor, featuring hardwood floors, marble columns along with chandeliers, fireplace, and a unique stone wall of cascading water. Marble and tile bathrooms plus a spacious dressing room provides eloquent privacy. While seated in an intimate conversation area, the sounds of the water coupled with the crackling of the fire provides the guest a restful intermission.


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