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The Foundry

The Foundry by Herban Feast is our industrial-chic venue and was originally a copper and steel manufacturing facility. It features a stone fireplace, air-conditioning, rain waterfall, wine barrel rack, concrete floors, and barn doors. Here, the many unique spaces layer together beautifully, so a ceremony can easily become a reception, or an all-day meeting can lead into a party.  

*    A welcoming, flexible space to host a wedding ceremony and/or reception, meeting, corporate event, birthday party, anniversary party, holiday party, fundraiser, product launch, and more. 

*    Exclusive catering provided by the award-winning Herban Feast. 

   A la carte and custom menus prepared onsite featuring fresh seasonal ingredients. 

*    Complete bar service with customizable options available. 

*    Custom floor plans and multiple rooms allow for a seated capacity of up to 230 guests and up to 550 guests for a cocktail reception. 

*    Free parking available on nights and weekends. 

*    Small event accents or fully designed custom floral and décor available through the Herban Design Studio. 

*    Talented event partners are available for everything from DJs, valets, and A/V to full event planning. 

At our venues, the Herban Feast Catering team will help you create your own unique menu and bar service with the freshest, seasonal ingredients prepared onsite. You can also collaborate with our Herban Design Studio to add little touches to your day or fully craft one-of-a-kind floral and décor. From day one of planning through your entire event, your happiness is our success.

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