Pacific Northwest Spotlight

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Orion Expeditions River Rafting

Best River Rafting Adventures in Washington State

*Full Service, professional river outfitter

*Perfect for large parties and corporate groups

*Challenging to introductory white water suitable for beginning rafters

*Overnight retreats or day long river trips

*River trips close to Seattle

Orion’s river rafting guides are hand-picked and personally trained because your safety and enjoyment is our primary concern. Our whitewater rafting equipment is the best money can buy for the very same reasons.

We outfit raft trips on rivers throughout the North Central Cascades. Orion Rafting was founded in 1978 by people who were invested in bringing people together through outdoor recreation. Our river adventures are well suited for all ages. River trips range from calm to rambunctious. Choose a trip close to Mt. Rainier, Leavenworth or Seattle.

Additional Info

  • Phone: 509-548-1401
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • City: Leavenworth
  • State: WA

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